Our Services

Residential Program
Simaril’s residential program consists of homes within the community that run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Support is provided to people from all walks of life. Individuals residing in the homes are assisted in their individual day to day living which includes involvement within their community. Direct support workers assist individuals to develop and maintain existing natural relationships with their family, friends and community groups. The residential program promotes individuality and choices. Staff are able to support individuals in the choices they make.

SIL (Supported Independent Living)
The Supported Independent Living program consists of people who live in their own homes. Simaril provides support only as needed or required. The goal of the Supported Independent Living program is to lead individuals to the point that they need as little support as possible in their day to day living. This program assists an individual to live a more independent lifestyle of their choice. Individuals may ask for more or less support where they feel it is needed.